Privacy Statement

We take the protection of your privacy and the personal data, which you have provided us with, very seriously. Your data will be treated confidentially in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act. It will be stored on secure servers and only be used for the appointment process. Of course we will only request data that is necessary for this appointment process.

Leading Document

The „leading document“ of your application will be the information given in the online application forms. The Search Committee will primarily use these forms within the selection process. The online forms are divided into mandatory and optional fields. To be able to submit your application only the mandatory fields need to be filled in, of course. But we do encourage you to fill in all possible fields fully and thoroughly, in order to allow the Search Committee, and possibly also the evaluators, to make a comprehensive assessment of your application. We would also ask you to make sure that the information filled in the online forms corresponds to the information in your submitted documents.

Use and Transmission of Personal Data

Personal data according to § 3 paragraph 1 of the Federal Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesdatenschutzgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen (DSG NRW)) is such data that contains information on personal and factual circumstances of a certain or determinable person.

Personal data of the applicants, which is necessary for entering into a service or employment relationship, may be processed by the University of Cologne within the data protection regulations (see § 29 paragraph 1 Federal Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (§ 29 Abs. 1 DSG NRW).

The University of Cologne has established the electronic Academic Job Portal to simplify the selection process. In order to write and/or submit an application within this portal, you will need to create an account with us and state your name and your valid email address during registration.

Through registration, you will consent to the utilisation of the personal data by the University of Cologne. By using this portal, you will additionally agree to the transmission of the data entered in the application process. The data will be transmitted to selected individuals involved in the implementation of the procedure and in the selection process. Data from your application will not be passed on to unauthorised third parties.

Deleting the Data

All application data connected to a specific recruitment procedure will be deleted 3 months after the vacancy is closed. The recruitment process is terminated once a person is appointed to the vacant professorship.

The data entered will first be deactivated and will then be destroyed, if the applicant is not associated with any other application process and has not registered for the last 6 weeks.

At request of the persons entitled, accounts and the data stored will be deleted as soon as possible and irretrievably. The request is to be sent to <>.

Logged Data

All data is stored in the Regional Computing Center of the University of Cologne (RRZK). In addition to the personal data, which the user will enter voluntarily, the RRZK will store the following personal details:

  • Date of connection
  • Time of connection
  • Entire IP-address
  • Session ID
  • Current page viewed
  • Browser-type and version number

This data is logged at every access to a specific page and will be assessed for statistical purposes as well as for the rectification of technical problems. The statistical evaluation will be done in anonymous form. With the deletion of the account the above mentioned data will be deleted as well, in so far as they include personal references.

Use of Cookies and Java Script

In some areas of our websites SESSION-cookies will be set. These are used to gain access to protected areas. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer and stored by your browser. They are only valid for the duration of your browser session and will be deleted automatically when you close your browser. If you wish to be informed about the use of cookies on your browser, you should activate the appropriate browser settings. There will be no analysis of the users´ web access. Please note that this portal cannot be used without cookies and Java Script.

Should you have questions concerning data protection then you may, at any time, consult the official Data Protection Officer of the University of Cologne as well as the State Commissioner for the Protection of Data and Freedom of Information of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Please also note the privacy policy of the University of Cologne: